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Pasuruan City lies along the seashore and it's an ancient harbour.
At the era of Erlangga this town is Called "PARAVAN" while at the era of china its called "GEMBONG" 
Long time ago, there was a man from Blambangan named Kiai Gedee Menak Supethak the King of Pasuruan which then replace by a man from surabaya name Kiai Gedee Kepulungan who won the fight. After that he was replaced by kiai gedee Dermoyudo from Kartosuro.
He Died when he governed his son then replaced him.
He Has the same name with him.
Kiai Gedee Dermoyudho escape to Surabaya when Pasuruan attacked by Mas Pekik.
After Mas Pekik died he was replaced by Onggowijoyo. 

1671 - 1686
Pasuruan was governed by Onggowijoyo as a regent.
He was the descendant of Kiai Brandong.
He Was defeated by Untung Suropati and escape to Suroboyo.
In 1686 -1706
Pasuruan Governed by Djoko Untung Suropati by the title Adipati Wironegoro. 

Djoko Untung Suropati fought against VOC in Bangil and he injured till his deadth until now his cementary still unknown but there is a cave that became the thing to remains him in Mancilan village. 

The son of Djoko Untung Suropati name Rachmad replace him and continue his fight to the east and found his deadt in the battle. 

Dermoyudo IV name Wongso Negoro Nitinegoro was the man who replace Rachmad at that time VOC coverned the north sea of Pasuruan and Expected that Pasuruan as a harbour town. So it;s needed to be the capital of recident of Malang, Probolinggo, Lumajang and Bangil. 

Pasuruan expected to be the important town by the Dutch, so on 1 July 1916 (stbl 1918 No. 320) STADS GEMEENTE VAN PASOEROEAN 

Persistent Pasuruan with map harbour and map important harbour (stbl. 1926 No. 512, changed stbl 1920 No. 426) 

The Residency capital of Pasuruan moved to Malang 

Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo became a union. because of Pasuruan as the capital, so the Dutch Build several sugar mills around Pasuruan such as (Kedawung, Pengkol, Pleret, and other mill in Probolinggo, Sidoarjo dan Malang). in accordance with that purpose the Dutch make a foundation for sugar reseach (Proefstation Van Oost Java) the foundation have biggest rule to search it for the south area until now still active and named BP3G (Balai Penelitian Perusahaan Perkebunan Gula) 

In order to develop the factory, built a workshop to overhaul the factory named De Bromo, on the independence era its called PN. Bromo which has 3 unit as follow :
1. Unit Bhinneka.
2. Unit Turangga.
3. Unit Wahana.
each unit have function as many kind of job, machine unit and unit of tram.

Pasuruan as an otonomic region consist of 19 villages and one district. 

Based on PP NO. 46 / 1982 on 21 December 1982. Pasuruan has 3 districts and 19 Villages and also 15 villages from Pasuruan Region. 

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