Het tegenwoordige Pasuruan

Kaart Oost-Java (klik on the map)

1. Subdistrict Gadingrejo:
a. Karangketug                      g. Krapyakrejo 
b. Gentong                            h. Karanganyar 
c. Sebani                              i. Gadingrejo 
d. Petahunan                         j. Tamba'an 
e. Bukir                                 k. Trajeng 
f.  Randusari 

2. Subdistrict Purworejo:
a. Pohjentrek                         f. Purworejo 
b. Wirogunan                         g. Bangilan 
c. Tembokrejo                        h. Kebonsari 
d. Purutrejo                            i. Mayangan 
e. Kebonagung                       j. Ngemplak Rejo 
3. Subdistrict Bugul Kidul:
a. Kepel                                h. Pekuncen 
b. Blandongan                        i. Bugul Kidul 
c. Tapaan                              j. Bugul Lor 
d. Sekargadung                      k. Kandang Sapi 
e. Bakalan                             l. Panggung Rejo 
f.  Krampyangan                     j. Mandaran Rejo 
g. Tamanan 

Pasuruan is Located accross Malang, Probolinggo and Surabaya, which border areas are :
 - North side    Madura strait.
 - East side   :    District Rejoso .
 - South side :    District Godang Wetan dan Pohjentrek 
 - West side  :    District Kraton.
The Area lies on:  
112°.45 to 112°.55 east longitude and 7°.35 to 7°.45 south longititude.
The height range is 0 - 10 meter from sea level.

Natural Condition 
Pasuruan is a lowland, the slope is 0 - 1 %, has 6 rivers with the total length ± 26.50 km, so by make a technic irigation condusif for farming, specially paddy.
Near the beach there are potencial place for fisher / shrimps's pond' 

Area Width 
Pasuruan is 35,29 km² wide, divide into 3 district consist of 810 RT and 64 RW,
34 village (15 villages dan 19 villages ),
the population is 209.946 people (data per may 2001). 

Soil Type 
The soil / land is appropriate for farming by using technic irrigation.
Quality of water is quite high, because its vulcanical area, rich of mineral nara.
the ctraple food is Paddy which growns on wet season and dry season. To plant the vegetable in dry season need special treatment because of drainage. 

Curah hujan rata - rata pertahun 1337 mm, dengan musim kemarau (119 mm / bulan) dan musim penghujan (200 mm / bulan ).
sedang menurut peta Agroklimat Jawa madura oldeman termasuk type iklim D2. 

The Population highly increase per year .
May 2001 listed that the population of Pasuruan was about 209.946 people by the solidity of rate 5.949/Km2 

       Symbol Of Pasuruan City 

Base of Rules :
Rules Pasuruan City No : 7 / 1971 on 28 September 1971 and has been book on the sheet of East Java on 22 June 1972, No : 27/B. 

The Meaning Of Symbol : 
1. Sura Dira Satya Pati.: Brave, Firm and loyal to the leader of the country and religion 

2. Colour: 
- a. Base Of Symbol: Green, Blue
- b. Border Trip: Red White, Features the protection and the spirit of red & white.
- c. Monument And Paddy: Yellow with the black contour.
     The monument describe the victory on  the struggling againts the colony.
- d. Sea and Mountain: Green and the blue with the black contour 
      symbolize the living. 
- e. Cotton: White, green, blue and black contour describe about the 
      prosperous and safety. 

3. Shape of Shield:
- a  oval: Describe the feature of defeating from all the posesion in Pasuruan 
- b. Monument: Describe the result of the struggling against the colony that gave victory. 
- c. The Star: Pancasila as the fundamental and the faith of the only one god. 
- d. Paddy & Cotton: 17 bunchs of padi at left side and 8 bunchs of cotton at the right side describe               prosperous and safety of the city done to the clothes and food, economic element etc. That include       the development of the aspect of life. 
- e. Sea and Mountain: Pasuruan lies between the mount Bromo and Madura strait. 

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