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_As far as my experience is guiding me I do not believe in a well measured 21 km, which in fact is very far for an all terrain run, especially in a tropical climate, as far as I concern myself in the first place.
Contestants needs to be well trained in handling him or herself in endurance and the consumption of drinks and foods.
My first experience in a so called "Thrilling Trail" was in Upper Carmen with start along SM.
This run was organized under the responsibility of the North Face and I was deeply disappointed because of the too much short distance (it supposed to be 11 km). And some parts of the terrain were merely created for goats and monkeys than for any kind of running.
I was saving my energy to do 11 km but suddenly I was already heading for the finish, so I really like to be better and honestly informed about the length of a track!
_Now I will just try the Beginners Fun Run, because I do not believe in 21 kilometers for me personally in a so called 'Trail Run'.
Ten kilometers or a little bit more will just do fine and is heavy enough, but this time there is nothing between 3 and 21 km.
And more over, I also like to save money for the Milo marathon this coming October 16!
Anyway, I like the singlet for 3 km runners much more then the jersey the 21 km trailers received.

2e from l to r; Arvin Nayre, David Travira, Santy Nacalaban, ? , Raul Bag-ao, ?, Jerald Zabala,
in front Bryan Antero

Bryan was not running, Raul and I were running 3.5 km, Raul finished in 25'41", Sandy finished in 29'55".
Jerald, Santy and David were doing the long distance, supposedly 21 km, BUT I estimate this track at about 14-15 km!
Jerald finished in fourth place, Santy finished 8 in 1'40" and David his place and time is not known yet.
To demonstrate the wrong proclamation of the distance, Santy's time on a 21 km street run is 1'50"!
So, again not a serious try to make a true track of a promised 21 km.
And if I was a aware of this before, then probably I was also liking to subscribe for a longer distance.
Anyway, I'm happy that I'm still fit, no accident or injury and I think I did well on the short distance.
_But trying to be in a hurry in a difficult but well chosen trail needs a very high concentration!
Happily it didn't rain just before, so the terrain was not that much slippery.

The event in general was well organized, I enjoyed the atmosphere, the 3.5 km track was not easy but well marked and guided.
My congratulations to the organization and the help from all the volunteers!
My only comment is a too much late start, the lost time in the warming up show, (time enough for warming up for every individual) and the not well chosen finish line, while steep running down a few meters right after a 45 left turn.
And of course, 21 km is not what the contestants ran!

Pictures of this event: click here

    Indahag, August 16, 2011