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Oro Sunday Runners in Kauswagan, Bon-bon beach in 200

_In December 2003 I became a member of the Oro Sunday Runners Club (O.S.R.C.Inc.), because I met a very kind sportsman and runner  in the Pelaez City Sports Centre during one of my training sessions, his name is Pedro (Peter) 'aka' Tommy Pujas.
After some time he informed me that he and another running-friend Ricardo Fabe were founding a runners-club and asked me if I was also interested to become a member of the club, and I was.
_The costs of being a member is about 25 Eurocent per month, 20 Philippine-pesos a month.
The first event and club meeting after the founding celebration in the "Harvest Hands Christian Fellowship Church" was in a nearby beach-centre.
Everyone brought some food and drinks but it was pitiful consuming because of the weather.
It was (very) cold and windy, because of a close passing typhoon in the Northern area.

first celebration on the beach after re-founding ceremony during a rare chilly and windy afternoon

I, Cornelis Sandy Rijskamp of legal age presently resided at 'Carmen' Cagayan de Oro City, for having me as a member (OSRCI) effective this 21st day of December 2003 this city of Cagayan de Oro
I solemnly pledge to follow the rules and regulations even duties and responsibilities of Oro Sunday Runners Club Inc. and to develop among members and officers the values of cooperation, helpfulness, generosity and other wholesome traits that peaceful, productive for the welfare of our society.

So, help me God

Redactie: info(at)rijskamp.com
Cagayan de Oro, 26 January 2011