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Run for the kidneys; Run against TB; Second Freedom run; Bongga Barangay Run; FICCO run; Eyesight run; KAGAY-AN trail run; Kagay-an fiesta run; red cross run; polio run; MILO half marathon 2011; Golden friendship run; Duathlon Cycle Mart / Juan RUN production; Unilab fun run; Ororama fun run;

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November 30, ORORAMA run CDO, start Ororama Cogon.


November 27, Unilab fun run, start and finish in the LimKetKai area, a big running event.
No pictures available from this running event.
0016 finishers in 500 m. dash
0472 finishers in  3 km,
1167 finishers in  5 km,
0441 finishers in 10 km,
0390 finishers in 21 km.
2486 finishers

Nigel caballero was competing in 500 meters dash and from 6 in his age category he ended as number one in 1'38".

John Michael Antero was 3rd in 3 km in 10'36", halfway in 5'02".
John Dorile (Jacco) Cabahug
was 11th in 14.07, halfway in 7'09".
'Pan de Sal' runner Nenito Apdian was 19th in 15.27, halfway in 7.07.

'Pan de Sal' runner Bryan Antero was in 5 km 4th in 17.16, halfway in 7'06"
Steward Pepito
was 25th in 5 km in 25'11", halfway in 12'26".

Jerald Zabala was 3rd in 10 km in 34'09", halfway in 16'44".
Raul Bag-Ao was 10th in 41'46", halfway in 20'15".
(Jenefer Paloma 12th in 44'10" and Julie May Jaylo 13th in 44'55")
Santino Nacalaban was 14th in 46'11", halfway in 21'57".
Randie Briones was 21st in 49'35", halfway in 24'14".
Member before Hermogenes Malagamba was 43rd in 54'54".

21 km runner Mr. marathon Vic Catiil was ending as 104th in 2.02'04", halfway in 54'54".
Joel Arellano was 158th in 2.12'19", halfway in 1.02'11".
Ultra runner Allan Canoy ended as 24th in 1.46.31, halfway in 51'19".



November 20, Duathlon in Indahag organized by Cycle Mart and Juan RUN.


November 13, Golden Friendship Run organized by RMR/4.30
21-10-5 and 2 kilometers along the Claro M. Recto Avenue and the Lapasaan highway.
I was joining 5 km and was not really aware that they would start each group separate from each other, so I start with the first group 21 km runners and it was giving me comfortable space to make a 'fast' start.
Of course I used my own sport watch for checking my time(s).
The weather was okay, a cool night and some cool breeze trough the Velez street from the mountainside.
I felt a little shy because my early start made me finish as first 5 km runner, soooo, no problem really for the organization, sorry.
Unfortunately, the start was about 20 minutes late after intending to start at 5.
I think the finish area was okay and well attended by the marshals.
I saw only a small piece of the track, the intersections were well guarded.
I missed a true marathon clock in the finish line like during the "Kidney Run on May 15" lately in Divisoria.
Jerald, Zengiber, Vic and Joel were running 21.1 km.
Vic didn't have a time but Joel Arellano was doing 2 hours and 5 minutes, stronger then in the MILO race, well done!
Zengiber was finishing third?
Jerald was second, but Jerald told us what happened in the last km when he and Neri were still together, Neri was asking him to finish first???
Jerald gave in for this very odd request, but why asking this and Jerald is still young and too much kind to say NO.
Raul and Santino were doing 10 km, Raul was also finishing in third place?
Me, I was the only 5 km club runner and was content with 25 minutes (12'30" half way).
All in all, I think a successful event, with drinks and breads enough to fill the athletes tummy again.
I didn't make pictures because my small NIKKON camera is not functioning well, next time I use the Nokia of Aiding, like to test the quality of this mobile phone with all the extra's.


October 16, Milo marathon organized by Circle productions, an event organizer in CDO



October 9, Run against Polio organized by the Rotary club of CDO.
_I was there to have a look and was deciding to run the same distance (15 km) in the same way as the Fiesta run lately.
It's not that I do not like to donate for a good cause, it's just that I do not like the attitude of the organizers, always forgetting to make a running event also accessible for the less wealthy Cagayanons.
300 to 400 pesos is still a big amount for many good and enthusiastic runners.
I did not observe well the finish line but I can say, all along the track the intersections were well secured and water stations were well spread along the route, it looked good into my eyes.
For me it was some test for the coming MILO half Marathon, it will be tough!
Oro Sunday Runner Jerald Zabala was second in 10 km.


September 25, Red cross fun run starting from the Capitol Grounds,
_Not a serious running event, just a sponsor run for 'a cause', costs 150 pesos for a cotton T-shirt.
Most of the contestants were PNP members.
3 and 5 km, the 5 km was surely less then 5.
A few Oro Sunday Runners were joining, no prices were given for the fastest runners, only a snack or an ice-cream which made Jerald and Bryan(pan de sal runner) disappointed.


September 4, running event in Iligan city.
_Adriano and Santino (Loloy) were competing in this event.
Adriano was second in his age category and Loloy?


September 4, Bankers run, with start in LKKS area.
_Until now nothing is known about this event


August 21, Kagay-An fiesta fun run, CDO, Divisoria: finishers 5 km. 450; 10 km. 179; 21.1 km. 65 = 694 finishing street runners, a little bit less than the organizer published in the Gold Star Daily, where they talked about 1500 contestants?!
Three women within the first 10 21 km. what shows strong women performances in the longer distance.
The fastest 3 males were Jeffrey Sotto in 1.15.25, 2nd. Jobert Carolino in 1.16.53, 3rd. Leo Colonia in 1.20.58.
7th. Ailene Tolentino in 1.32.31, 8th. Janine Mansueto in 1.33.19, 10th. Madelyn Carter in 1.38.32

_The second fiesta run again was organized by 'Circle productions' and even more expensive because of the chip registering system from the "Run Rio" company.
Well, what can I say, I was there, I also ran and observed while running the 10 km distance unregistered.
In my opinion and the way I see a Fiesta run, it should be accessible for as many people as possible.
I saw less people running compared to the one last year, I saw many runners of all ages watching instead of running in the event, I noticed a late start, a useless warming up show.
I saw many people trying to run but merely walking and I saw many people starting for the 21 km, not able to run anymore after only a few kilometers, about the same in the 10 km.
_My observation is that more contestants with money and less running ability are joining than the better equipped runners but with not enough money available, it's bad for a fiesta run and no good for most of the serious running citizens!

undisturbed finishing, give honor to the athlete!

_What about the organization?
Okay, I ran until the turning point for the 10 km, so until 5 km and back.
The water stations were okay and also the marshals along the route.
_And I experienced some kind of a conflict with a guy while going up the Marcos bridge, asking me "where is your bib number", and he tried physically to stop me in my running.
I was telling the guy, that no one has the right to stop me from going in a public road as a pedestrian, only the Police or RTA with their reasons of course.
But this guy was not even wearing any uniform or ID card, I called him crazy to block me my way!
Of course I continued my running and was ending just 25 meters before the official finish line in the side walk of the Velez street, not violating any law, okay?
_In front of the finish area marshal Vicente Rosales was walking around and I observed several times he didn't pay attention to coming and finishing fast athletes.
At one time he was joking with one of the Circle Directors and a fast approaching lady runner was obstructed by slow finishing 10 km joggers.

'Dodong' Rosales is losing his focus

She had to go around Vicente to have free space and even Dodong(Vicente) didn't notice it at all, just too much busy with his fun.
He also was not enough visible (no ID card, no Circle dress) as an official to keep this area free and organized for almost finishing runners.
_Fast runners must always have free way above walking or slow running people, so it is better to divide and guide the slow finishing runners from the serious athletes who are still trying to make a good finish time.
_Then the first street crossing after the start in the Velez street, many officials but a jeepney was still able to cross and completely blocked a fast finishing 21 km running athlete!
And too many people too much close after the finish line, the area must kept free for at least 10 meters for the finishers to find their way out easy, and well visible for the organization and First Aid!

too many people after the finish line, more worse later on

I wonder why an athlete with a faster electronically registered finish time still can lose from some one with a much slower registered chip time!?
In a big running event with hundreds or even thousands of contestants, not all of them can start from the same line the moment the signal will be given by gunshot or whatever.
That's why each time starts to run when the contestants are passing the registration wire placed in a mat on the road.
So, when an athlete even starts in the back of the field (as a slow starter) he still can win, even when he is not finishing in front of his competitor, so why is Robert Daang second while his registered time is more than 1 minute faster, as published by the organizer Circle Productions. A 'chip' mishap?

Official registered Oro Sunday Runners:
Bryan Antero, 10 km. no.6 in 37.28; Pedro Cabanez 2 km. walk; Santino Nacalaban 21.1 km. no.14 in 1.47.13; Zengiber Bolingot, 21.1 km. no.9 in 1.35.51; Vic Catiil, 21.1 km. no.50 in 2.05.14

10 km male result, first 10: Arnold Unabia, 35.55; Robert Daang, 34.45; Roger Sawin-ay, 36.16; Ariel Momo, 36.56; Gemmar Guinawat, 37.28; Bryan Antero, 37.28; Rechie Mandahuan, 37.55; Vilmer Hallasgo, 38.13; Edgardo Homonlay, 39.07; Diomedes Diagro, 41.44

10 km female result, first 10: Roxanne Maaba, 44.09; Michelle Mangubat, 44.10; Rechie Dala, 45.20; Mae Ann Gongob, 46.31; Hyacinth Caseres, 53.57; Kentie Francisco, 56.09; Karen Maghanoy, 58.56; Pilar Lug, 59.16; Rogelia See, 1.00.2; Pennapa Sia, 1.02.51


August 14, Kagay-An (eco) trail run in Malasac, Gugman.


First 'Eyesight' run in CDO on August 7 2011,
I was not present, so I cannot say a thing about this running event.
It seemed the finish line was situated on a part of the newly paved area at the Divisoria in the City centre.
It was organized with the help of the running group RMR4.30 and the benefits were meant to help visual disabled children.


First FICCO fun run on July 10 2011,
and finish at the Kiosko Kagawasan, maximum distance 5 km, with Oro Sunday Runners: Zengiber Bolingot, Bryan Antero, Cris Jun Antero, Sandy Rijskamp.
(for their results, see the personal "member" pages of these runners)


Dahilayan ultra run from CDO to Manolo Fortich at July 2 2011, 139 males and 24 finishing females.
_Under good weather circumstances this 'crazy' distance run was starting in the very early morning of July 3 2011 from the Rodelsa circle in CDO.
Some club members were also trying to 'kill' themselves, hahaha, sorry.
I found also some people they ever run in one of the Sunday runners events except Edgar Lapasique.
Winner was Jeffrey Sotto in 4.26.39; (16)Allan Canoy in 6.03.22; (19)Edgar Lapasique in 6.17.50; (23) Jerald Zabala in 6.30.11; (56)Francisco Pol in 8.29.18; (89)Vic Catiil in 9.08.37, also Arvin Nayre was performing very well in this event, he placed 21 in 6.21'17".


First CDO Bongga Barangay run on June 26,
organized by JuanRUN production:

the start and finish area, CHAOTIC! especially during the shorter distances like in this picture

_A good initiative of course, the more organized runs the better and for just not too much high entrance fee, 50 pesos is just fine, so also youngsters are able to join more easy.
Still, this organizer has to learn a few things more, read my earlier comments.
For this run I like to give some reminders for positive reasons.
_Firstly, start in time, even when people still are registering, they will just start late!
Secondly, Do not do a show warming up, it is to no use at all, this kind of poor exercises!
Leave it to the athletes when and how they will prepare themselves for their running.
_Thirdly, when there is a big well visible mark in the area like in the picture above, use this for the finish line, a good mark for the athletes to focus on and PLEASE keep this area free from public and athletes who are already done in their race!
Give honor to the finishing athletes by making them well visible during their last meters and their victory!
_Use your volunteers to keep the finish line and after the area free for the registration team and the photographers.
_Fourth, the moment the runners had to go for the Marcos bridge leaving the A. Velez street was, as far I was able to observe, safety wise, not well enough organized.
I was expecting several well visible marshals in this area, or did I miss them?
_Our club member Bryan Antero was able to finish the 5 km in third place, 'congrats' to Bryan!


Second Freedom Run on June 5, start and finish in LKKS Centre

good runners and willing to enjoy BUT not enough pesos
(freedom run)

_So I was there for having a look, meeting my club mates and other fellow sport friends, to observe and I was planning to test myself on the 10 km distance, but I changed my mind.
It was already too much high temperature, I could feel the heat from the city from the day before.
I ran with Adriano and Jun Ramos 15 minutes ahead of the 10 km start and we finished beside the event area, not to be a disturbance for the organization.
For me, the start was not early enough, no wind for cooling, but my legs felt good.
I have to doubt the true distance of 10 km. because I had to slow down seriously in the returning 5 km.
_Therefore it is very unlikely that I will make a time under 50 minutes! 49 minutes, no way!
Anyway, what I was noticing, beside my own running experience, a success for the organizers, well situated Marshals along the road, on first hand water enough available and a good wide finish area.
But I personally hate the highway to run along, so this day I made an exception for myself.


Kidney Run on May 15 in the Divisoria CDO
_I was late and when I parked my scooter, the 21 km runners were just starting.
I did quick my stretching and used some petroleum gel here and there, drunk my special drink and lined up at the back of the group.
_Because I was not convinced if I should like to run 10 km this morning I did not subscribe and I just run the same distance the same time with the other contestants, it was a good test!
I finished, as I counted the returning runners, as nr.20, 5 km in 27.14, finish time in 54.27.
When the temperature is a few degrees lower I feel I can make 50 minutes, still.
I did not take anything from the organization as a "black" runner, just drunk my own sport drink.
_Good weather, not so many Half Marathon runners, many 10 km runners but quit a lot who were not prepared enough to 'run' or jog the whole distance, also many 5 km runners and walking 'athletes', and a lot of 2 km joggers.
I was surprised to see governor Oscar Moreno joining the event, good effort for all kinds of reasons.
_A very nice true (big) Marathon clock, who is the owner of that clock?
The starts were nicely in time, I was also surprised of this, not counting on it!

What I think, it is still not okay when runners have to pay a high entrance fee.
So many athletes stand along the side line because they have no money enough available to enter the event.
I do not know who is the organizer technically of this event.
I just like to comment for positive reasons, not criticizing for negative reasons.
I always think for the interests and benefits of the athletes, there are more good runners then we can imagine, we do not see them often in 'runs for a cause' like these ones, because of lack of pesos and also no good running outfit, especially poor running shoes.

_Don't give a jersey, just let the sponsors pay for the extra's, the cause of the event is less important then the people who like to join a running event together in good sportsmen ship!
Athletes are making the event!
For the organization also, it will be much more satisfying to serve more contestants.

_One thing I can not truly understand, even the finish area was well organized and arranged and the marshals were well attending.
_Why were the finishers divided before passing the finish line in 5, 10 and 21 km. and disturbed by marshals?
The race will just end on the finish line and even a sprint between several athletes is possible.
There shouldn't be any obstruction (by marshals) in the path to the finish line!
Just use marshals to keep the area free from people and other kinds of traffic.
_So, why not let them finish undisturbed and
after finishing led by marshals to their particular corridors for the finish registration and give them right away their goodies and extra's, etc?
_Also, why are the race numbers so long, about 5 or more numbers, too hard for registration by eye and writing, or do I overlook something?


A run against TB to be held in the Rotunda in Macasandig and Carmen

TB run on March 18, start and finish in the Rotunda
Raul, Santy, Zengiber, Nenito and Jerald

_I Did not run in this event, firstly I do not like to run in evening time when it's too much warm from the day, second when there is still a lot of traffic together with its increased pollution with an ongoing 'night café'.
Third, besides the high entrance fee, I'm also not collecting jerseys of events like this.
Financially, this event probably was a success because I saw so many contestants.
The distance was only 5? km but the place where the start and finish was situated was insane in my eyes.

How can some organization get permission to organize a running event in the middle of a traffic rotunda at the end of a very busy Provincial road and on a very inconvenient time of the day?!
Only in CDO, I can think of!
_The track was from the Rotunda (Rodelsa circle) via the Velez street into the city, then heading to the Old bridge leading into Carmen, out from Carmen again back to the Rotunda, two laps of ? km.
Club members Santino, Zengiber and Jerald were able to join the event.


SM Nightrun
February 19, a so called 'night run was organized in the vicinity of the Super Mall in Upper Carmen, entrance fee 150 pesos, distance from 3 to 5 km.
Our club president and I were going there and surprise ...... we saw also Vic Catiil and his girlfriend, Emily Catiil and friend Joven Clavero, Adriano Salering, Raul Bag-Ao, Bryan Antero, Cris Jun Antero,
Jun Ramos (back from Manila), Zengiber Bolingot and Pedro Cabañez.
At the last moment I decided to subscribe, not liking to frustrate the organization too much.
The whole afternoon it looked like we should have a rain, but fortunately the weather stayed dry.
_My 5 kilometers were going well and I only had to slow down in the end because I felt too much warm.
There are no pictures taken by me from this event.
I ran about 27+ minutes and I was too much satisfied because of my left leg didn't make me a problem!
Bryan was running a nice time in 16.50 and Joven finished well in 21 minutes.
Raul and Adriano were doing speed walk but got disqualified because of incorrect speed walking.
The others I do not know how well they were running.
Do, I have comments?
the organization should use a marathon clock, so every finisher can see right away his/her time
secondly, if the organizers like to enlighten some dark parts of the track, do not use some fat burning petroleum, this is very much polluting the air and runners will suffer from this!

_In general, a running event is in the first place an event for the contestants who are joining the event.
Any organizer should be aware of:
One is safety, 2. is clean air as much as possible, 3. is a correct distance (and marks in or along the track), 4. is a decent time registration and 5. is an unobstructed finish area.
I know that organizing a running event technically is not that much difficult, but one should always keep in mind, it's all about the runners, the athletes likes to be taken serious as sportsmen and women.
Get serious with your marshals in instructing them!
_Start them away is not the point, but providing a well organized finish line, I didn't see it ever here in CDO, not even one time.


Bryan, first placer of 10 km run, Run for the Heart

'The run for the heart' was a joyful event, difficult because of the rain that early morning, so everybody needed to hide somewhere.
Of course, the organization cannot do anything without all the volunteers who offered themselves to help making this event possible.
My personnel experience was satisfying because no problems occurred with my injured leg and I was able to maintain a stable speed during my 27,30 minutes run.
This month I hope to increase my distance again to 10 km, just slowly building up the endurance, listen carefully to the body!"
I have a few comments about the RFTH.
_In the first place, control the sounds (system), the kind of music is just someone's choice, but do I go there for a hearing damage?
_Second, do NOT a so called showy warming up, every athlete has time enough for this and it is everyone's own responsibility of doing a warming up!
Not one running event will start on the scheduled gun time, so time enough to do ones exercise.
Do call the athletes 5 Minutes before the start, line them up, sing the National hymn and start them away!
_Third, I felt very pitiful for the first? finishing woman athlete, she had a nice sprint in the end.
BUT, her finish was completely blocked by a multicab from the "Run for the Heart" organization which was allowed to pass the finish area, totally not aware or concerning that runners are finishing, even sprinting for a good place and time.
The driver should have instructed and wait along the street until the moment he had a good opportunity to pass the finish line, not disturbing any athlete!

Ricardo and friends after the Run for the Heart


edactie: C.S. Rijskamp
Cagayan de Oro, December 1, 2011