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Cagayan de Oro city, barangay Macasandig, Rodelsa Circle (Rotunda)
 Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Sunday October 2, 2011, 6.30 AM

a late start, the sun is already gaining power on us

_No rain the night before, but a late start and a high morning temperature (>25C).
More runners were showing up but we missed some good runners like David Travilla, Bryan Antero, Cris Jun Antero, Kevin Antero and some youngsters from Bueno Oro, Raul Bag-ao was showing up too much late.
I had a hard time because of the temperature and thought I would be the last finisher in 15.6 km but Ricardo and his running mate Joel Avellano were still somewhere behind us.
_Saturday before I was again 3 hours busy in painting the numbers in the street and arrows as well.
The kind of poor quality concrete roads will very easy lose paint because of the traffic and the dirt.
1 km was now painted on a big stone, 2 km was not easy to find, 3 was well visible in a concrete post and also 4 was hard to miss, but you have to focus on the road or roadsides, 8 km clearly visible in the bridge and also the rest, it was all still there and well visible.
_Nine runners were brave enough to do the complete distance and Santy was very strong performing in first place, four minutes later followed by Zengiber and Adriano not so far behind Zengiber.
Pedro, Jamiel, Jaco and Sandy were running together until the bridge at 8 km.
After more then halfway Pedro and Jamiel went ahead and Sandy stayed with 13 year old Jaco to guide him to the still far away finish.
Ricardo and Joel were somewhere visiting a cafe for refreshment and came in after 2 hours!
Joven and Emily together were making 6 km their turning point and were finishing after 12 km. not for the speed, just for the distance.
Gabriel and Adrian returned after 3 km and Gabriel was able to finish ahead of Adrian after 6 km.
Nigel and Jemark were doing 5 km and Nigel was far more stronger then 11 year old Jemark.
Florabella and Cresciano Estorba also made a nice finish after 5 km and they took their time because it was warm already.

All by all, a good experience with satisfied runners, enough banana's, lots of 'pan de sal' and enough water, thanks to Ricardo Fabe the president of the club.
We hope to (in some way) be able in continuing these kind of events.
You will be informed by visiting our website.

  age Name runner NR  5 km. 6 km 12 km 15.6 km
1 39 Nacalaban, Santino 114       1.11'18"
2 32 Bolingot, Zengiber 112       1.15'15"
3 56 Salering, Adriano 113       1.15'50"
4 47 Cabanez, Pedro 107       1.31'20"
5 12 Agbo, Jamiel 106       1.33'56"
6 13 Cabahug, John Dorile 108       1.37'50"
7 66 Rijskamp, Cornelis Sandy 111       1.37'50"
8 58 Fabe, Ricardo 117       2.07'30"
9 33 Arellano, Joel 102       2.07'30"
10 33 Clavero, Joven 109     1.21'41"  
11 32 Catiil, Emily 110     1.21'41"  
12 11 Antero, Gabriel 103   33'08"    
13 12 Agbo, Adrian Gilbert 104   33'25"    
14 12 Caballero, Nigel 105 25'10"      
15 11 Bacalan, Jemark 101 30'26"      
16 27 Estorba, Florabella 116 42'35"      
17 29 Estorba, Cresciano 115 42'35"      
18 6 Rijskamp, Cornelis Benjamin Hendrik 118 no time      
19 20 Docor, Benjamin   no time      
20 20 Docor, Marvie   no time      
21 22 Docor, Bedelyn   no time      
22 29 Docor, Ronnie   no time      
23 36 Docor-Rijskamp, Aiding          
24 45 Bag-ao, Raul 123 no time      

Redactie: C.S. Rijskamp
Cagayan de Oro, October 3, 2011