Fifth 2011  Out of City Run                     Oro Sunday Runners Club Inc.

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Cagayan de Oro city, barangay Camaman-An,
Sunday May 1, 2011, 6.00 AM
Street run to Allegria Hills, starting in the main road leading to Indahag and Allegria Hills, maximum distance 8 km. and shorter

Cornelis(corbe) Rijskamp and some of the Bueno Oro kids

_It was a pretty warm Sunday morning in this part of the city, 26.6º C and a high humidity.
Every time it's surprising who will show up and who will fail to join the event.
Suddenly also Pedro Cabanez showed up and joined to subscribe, but we didn't see him finishing because after the 4 km returning point he just continued straight home for Bueno Oro, left his number at km 4!
We missed some of our helps but luckily Ronnie my brother in law was present with his motorcycle to bring water along the track with Edna.
I, myself got interviewed by two ladies, appointed by their College School at the Gold Star Daily and asking a lot about sports, running, our organization and some personnel matters.
I was not able to run with the others, had to keep an eye on the finish area for safety and shooting pictures.
_Well, it is more and more clear to me that we have to change our running event policy to attract more people for joining our Out of City runs.
Even now the Napuran brothers (Bryan and Cris Jun) were not showing up for some reason and since Jerald Zabala is back in town he is also not available Sunday early morning because he has to attend in his job the same time?
_The splitting off "Golden Sun" runners group doesn't like to join our events for unknown reasons, probably a sign of jealousy not liking our club to be successful, how childish someone can be, diba?
Also we do not see "Sundowners", "Ororunners", "Orojoggers", "RMR4.30 runners" and so many other running Cagayanons, but in a big organized event in the middle of the city and an entrance fee of hundreds of pesos, suddenly you see them all!
SHOW Runners, but not true lovers of the running sport, in my opinion.

place  age Name runner no.   8000
1 32

Zengiber, Bolingot

112   32.40
2 46

Bag-ao, Raul

101   32.42
3 55

Salering, Adriano

119   37.12
4 39

Nacalaban, Santino

102   37.51
5 34

Clavero, Joven

115   40.36
6 65

Rijskamp, Sandy     (Thursday May 5)

118   42.03
7 15

Chamen, Mark Allen

111   47.04
8 11

Lagamao, Emmanuel

109   47.58
9 47

Catiil, Vic

120   50.00


10 13

Chamen, Melchor

108 22.30  
11 15

Napuran, Raffy

116 25.19  
12 12

Agbo, Jamiel

107 25.20  
13 13

Roxas, Jboy

103 36.42  
14 11

Agbo, Adrian Gilbert

110 36.43  
15 13

Pelone, Ronie

104 36.44  
16 9

Cadenas, Jandel

105 37.34  
17 9 Malaran, Nico 113 38.24  
18 11 Malaran, Justin Sam 106 38.40  
19 9 Bolingot, Prince Cyber 114 43.40  
20 5 Rijskamp, Corbe 121

no start

21 45 Cabañez, Pedro 117



Kidney Run race results on May 15 2011 in CDO:
21 km, Zengiber Bolingot in 1.33.27; Vic Catiil in 2.0.10
10 km, (20th) Sandy Rijskamp in 54.27 (5 km in 27.15)
Michelle Trani in ..........
5 km, 2e placer Bryan Antero in ............, Prince Cyber Bolingot in .........

Redactie: C.S. Rijskamp
Cagayan de Oro, May 15, 2011


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