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Cagayan de Oro city, barangay Gusa, Borja Extension road
 Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Sunday August 7, 2011, 6 AM
Cross country, Mountain Meadows, Fil Estate property,
along the Borja Extension road


_To find a cross country track in the Mountain Meadows area is not difficult but to find a safe or less risky track is not easy.
What I do not like is to run in a terrain where the obstacles are not clearly visible, like stones and holes.
I was planning also to include the soil and sand exploration area, very useful for a cross country  run, maybe it will not rain just before.

_So, the night before, we enjoyed a thunderstorm with too much rain in the cross country area!
When we arrived in the start and finish area, it was clear that we had to postpone the run, because the surface of the track was too much wet and slippery.
Instead, we had a nice club meeting, but of course after we had to test the track first and finished with very muddy shoes.

 we did start for one lap to test the track

_When preparing the track a day before, I was first running the distance myself, 4 times 1920 meters and I think I did well.
So, for now, I am the only one who is doing the maximum distance at Saturday August 6.
Later this year we will come back in this area to try this cross country run again, because the track is attractive for crossing and in a healthy environment.

but August 7 early morning, this area was all slick

  age Name runner NR 1.920 3.840 5.760 7.680
1 17 Yorpo, Edna 101 12.44      
2 66 Rijskamp, Cornelis Sandy (8-6-2011) 102 10.37 20.49 31.02 40.56
3 57 Fabe, Ricardo 103 12.44      
4 55 Salering, Adriano 104 10.44      
5 22 Zabala, Gerald 105 10.44      
6 33 Clavero, Joven 106 10.44      
7 32 Catiil, Emily (female) 107 12.44      
8 30 Docor, Ronnie 108 13.59      
9 6 Rijskamp, Cornelis Benjamin Hendrik 109 13.59      
10 2 Rijskamp, Quinn Charles Uziel 110 DID NOT START  

and we finished in style, Ricardo, Edna and Emily

Redactie: C.S. Rijskamp
Cagayan de Oro, July 16, 2011

_A cross country or field track run is a complete different way of running than a street run.
Is a street surface in a road run most of the time nicely flat, a cross country has a lot of varieties in the track.
You will find objects on your path and it will go up and down, narrow paths, different kind of soils-underground, short turns to take and even it can be a very slippery track.
The track this is more than a cross, it's also a track the athletes have to use their hands to find balance going up in one part of the track which is pretty much steep.
Let's say it is partly a "Thrilling Trail"
_Running a cross country needs a high concentration of the athlete and of course when you like to compete a good tactic.
One has to decide to start fast for more space in the front or just start from behind to save energy for the second half or the end of his/her run, even some parts are not giving a good opportunity to overtake the athlete in front of you.
_The risks in a cross are higher then a street run, especially concerning a wrong step resulting in a twisted ankle or falling, hurting some part of the athletes body.
The Club will bring cold packs and first aid kit, but we do not like to use it!!!
_The Oro Sunday Runners Club's Technical Commission is strongly advising, "don't take more then you are normally able to used to and trained for"!!!!
_Just take your time to go up, you can just regain your speed and power in more flat parts of the track.
_Stay always focused on the track right in front of you!
_Be aware that going down is more difficult and risky than going up!
_Going down on a road, try to make shorter steps to save your knee joints.
_The track will be marked by road marks, pylons and safety lint, also you will find red flags on important marks.