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Cagayan de Oro city, barangay Macasandig, Rodelsa Circle (Rotunda)
 Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Sunday September 4, 2011, 6.30 AM

after the run relaxing at the Rodelsa circle

_As suspected, a few runners were willing to show up for the 'run around the river'.
One day before I heard there was another run organized in the city centre, starting at the LKKS area, a so called 'Bankers' run, probably for some kind of a course I didn't hear about it at all.
Also, some club mate(s) were traveling to Iligan city to join a fun run with an age category.
More and more I come to think that we need some sponsors for our club because it needs money to make a fun run more attractive for an affordable entrance fee.
It is strange, many athletes are still used to do their early Sunday morning trainings in or around the city, but do not like to show up in our monthly events for that very few amount of 20 (before 10) pesos.
Next month is the 24th time, meaning we are organizing these runs for 2 years.
Time to reconsider the way we are organizing these fun runs because of the disappointing numbers of athletes who are not interested in a run outside the city centre.
Who has an idea, please tell me or give me hints how I have to look at this matter.
What is in the Philippine runners soul or mind that our events are so much ignored?

_I was painting for two hours in the early Saturday morning arrows in the left side of the track.
During the night after some rain fell but not too much and I was expecting the arrows would still be there.
(1 km was not to find anymore and 2 and 3 were also hard to find, covered by sand and slick)
I was not able to paint all arrows on the road, some I had to paint on a propeller (km.4) and some on a big stone, but always on the left side of the street.
This time the (mainly) youngsters ran onto about 2½ km and made about 5 km, so no problems, only I didn't mark 2½ km.
So, no one was doing a long distance, not even around the river completing the full track.
Our next run will be the same track, we'll see what will happen that day that morning, and who will join.

  age Name runner NR ± 5 km. 15.6 km
1 14 Antero, Cris Jun 111 21' 26"  
2 12 Caballero, Nigel 102 21' 40"  
3 14 Antero, Kevin 104 22' 02"  
4 12 Agbo, Adrian Gilbert 107 23' 40"  
5 12 Cabahug, John Dorile 101 24' 17"  
6 12 Agbo, Jamiel 106 25' 46"  
7 33 Clavero, Joven 113 27' 23"  
8 10 Lagamao, Emmanuel 108 30' 00"  
9 11 Bacala, Jemark 103 31' 13"  
10 11 Bachinicha, Ian Jay 105 32' 00"  
11 9 Bolingot, Prince Cyberg 109 32' 01"  
12 32 Bolingot, Zengiber 112 32' 01"  
13 33 Avellano, Joel 110 32' 10"  
14 6 Rijskamp, Cornelis Benjamin Hendrik 118 no time  
15 22 Docor, Benjamin 119 no time  
16 22 Mag-Usara, Cristine 114 no time  
17 22 Clemeña, Janice 115 no time  
18 22 Bargo, Rechel 116 no time  
19 66 Rijskamp, Cornelis Sandy 117 not yet  

Redactie: C.S. Rijskamp
Cagayan de Oro, September 6, 2011