ORORAMA fun run CDO Nov. 30 2011 ;             Oro Sunday Runners Club

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Who were joining from the Oro Sunday runners?
Zengiber Bolingot; Vic Catiil; Sandy Rijskamp; Ricardo Fabe; Steward Pepito; Jaco Cabahug; Adriano Salering; Raul Bag-Ao; Pedro Cabanez; Kevin and Ebrahem Antero; Cris Jun Antero; Jboy Roxas; Jamiel Agbo; Nigel Caballero; Randie Briones; Jamiel Agbo

I have to ask our club members about their results (in any run), so I can publish it, just email it or text in cell phone.

we saw: Jerald Zabala (preparing for MILO finals); Melchor Chamen; Santy Nacalaban (injured); Ailyn Edos; Bernard Lapasique; Emily Catiil, etc.

Youngest members Cris Jun Antero, ?, Nigel Caballero,
Ebrahem Antero, Kevin Antero and
running friend Rafael Napuran

My comment and impression:
_A run on a Wednesday BUT on a holiday (Bonifacio day), a fun run after and in between many fun runs 'for a cause' and commercial runs (Unilab run),
I count since February this year:
February 19: Night fun run, SM, Circle productions
February 27: Fun Run for the Heart, Divisoria, RMR-4.30
March 18: Fun Run against TB, Rodelsa circle, organizers?
May 15: Kidney Fun run, Divisoria, RMR-4.30?
June 5: Second freedom fun run, LKKS centre, Circle productions
June 26: First Bongga barangay run, Divisoria, JuanRUN productions
July 2: Dahilayan ultra run from CDO to Manolo Fortich, Circle productions
July 10: First FICCO fun run, Divisoria, FICCO foundation
August 7: First "Eyesight fun run, Divisoria, RMR-4.30
August 14: Kagay-An Eco Trail Run Malasac Cugman, Green Mindanao foundation
August 21, Kagay-An Fiesta fun run, Divisoria, Circle productions
September 4: Bankers fun run for a cause, LKKS centre, organizers?
September 25: Red Cross fun run, Capitol Grounds, Red Cross
October 9: Fun run against polio, Divisoria, Rotary club CDO
October 16: MILO marathon, Pelaez Sports centre, Circle productions
November 13: Golden Friendship fun run, Divisoria, RMR-4.30
November 20: Duathlon in barangay Indahag, Cycle Mart - JuanRUN productions
November 27: Unilab fun run, LKKS centre, Circle productions
November 30: ORORAMA First fun run for a cause, Cogon, Ororama management
December 4: Red Cross fun run, Capitol Grounds, Red Cross
December 10: Trail Run Challenge, Mapawa Nature and Adventure park, Three Travelers CDO Inc.
December 11: Metro bank run for a cause, Corrales Avenue, Metro bank, Run Rio

_This year is and was an explosion of fun runs and most of them to collect money for a cause.
Unfortunately the ORORAMA fun run was suffering from the absence of many sporty people.
In the first place (I think), so many were already competing (and tired?) 3 days before during the Unilab Run.
But not only because of this, probably also tired from all the runs before and probably "running out of pesos".
I think also many were not aware of this run, I didn't notice any advertisement in the Gold Star Daily, and of course, even it is a Holiday, it is in the middle of a working week.
_Nevertheless, the Ororama managers-organizers really deserve more interested runners because the entrance fee they ask from the runners was really not too much.
They must have spent a lot for the 'good cause' themselves as of the income from runners fees was not that much high and the prices for the runners to win were very generous!
Our club felt very much honored and happy to receive a donation (2000) for bringing in the biggest group (17) of (club) runners, Jerald, Melchor, Emily and Santino were not able to join but they were present!
For this was the first time to organize such an event by the management team of ORORAMA, I will serve them with a B, the finish area was okay, but the time(clock) and registration of finishers deserves better attention.
The Monitor showing the run times was often blocked by people, I didn't notice there was one.
I did notice the enthusiasm of the organizers, it felt good!

No problems for this time, but if there are many more finishers, it will be chaotic.
Thank you ORORAMA for making an affordable entrance fee for ordinary runners, thank you sponsors for your support to make that happen!
It was also a cozy event because it was not over crowded, the Oro Sunday Runners enjoined.
After the event half of us were having a drink and a bread snack in 'Mar Donut' Cogon.

Jamiel, Jboy, Emily, Raul, Adriano, Santino, Zengiber, Randie

editor: C.S. Rijskamp
Cagayan de Oro, December 1, 2011