Duathlon CDO Indahag nov. 20 2011 ;               Oro Sunday Runners Club

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Who were joining from the Oro Sunday runners?
Zengiber Bolingot; Vic Catiil; Sandy Rijskamp; Santy Nacalaban.

we saw: Jerald Zabala; Pedro Cabanez; Raul Bag-Ao; Adriano Salering; Kevin and Ebrahem Antero; Cris Jun Antero; Prince Cyberg Bolingot; Jemark Bacalan; Jaco Cabahug; Melchor Chamen; Ronie Pelone; Steward Pepito; Jboy Roxas; Jamiel Agbo etc.

Santino starting for his first 5 km.

My comment and impression:
When I subscribed I noticed there was very few detailed information delivered with my race number, route map and general info about distances, categories, prizes and place to report for start and finish.
More important is of course when the race would start: "RACE starts at 5:30 am!"
I know, a race never starts at the scheduled time, only the MILO race does.
For an athlete it is important to know when his actual start time will be, because of his personal optimum preparation.
For me I was prepared to start between 5.30 and 6 and 6 is already daylight enough for a good view in the downward biking track.
In my case the temperature is my biggest challenge and I was planning to start for a fast first 5 km, taking a rest going down at first by bike.
But to start after a long time waiting already passing eight was complete ruining my plan.
I had to start more quietly because of the empowering force of the sun, and I was suffering more in my last 5 km only because of the temperature.
Anyway, I know how to handle myself concerning the situation.
Going down the limestone road for me was very tricky, because I never try to go fast in such condition, I saw bikers almost flying down, what gave me the 'shivers'!

Vic Catiil fighting in his almost last km with someone too close behind him

Vic Catiil was nicely beating me, because of a quick first 5 km and a stronger biking performance (much better prepared in biking), he also had a hard time during his last running kilometers.
Also Zengiber is a good biker but his category had to make 3 laps of 9 km. and was starting much later then the oldest category.
I do not know anything of our results together with Zengiber and Santino (times and places) because I was going home after a while not waiting for raffle and other post activities, I needed a rest and where could we rest, sit or lay down for a while in the area?
I mentioned it many times: "it is not so difficult to place marshals along the road, but they have to be there in time and you must stick to your plans and race schedules (if there were?) even when people are still changing their tires, it was clear stated in the race map what the size of the tires should be.
Organizers should have good communication with the marshals in the start and finish area and along the track .
So the preparation must be strict and the implementation should be strict likewise!
If I should give a grade to the organizer (Juan RUN) I think I have to stick to a C not more.
In general I was enjoying the event, it was my first Duathlon and (very luxury) in my own barangay.

editor: C.S. Rijskamp
Cagayan de Oro, November 22, 2011