MILO half marathon 2011 CDO;                         Oro Sunday Runners Club

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Who were joining from the Oro Sunday runners?
Cris Jun Antero(3 km); Kevin Antero; Ebrahem Antero; Nigel Caballero; Pedro Cabanez; Emily Catiil; Zengiber Bolingot; Raul Bag-Ao; Sandy Rijskamp; Santy Nacalaban; Jerald Zabala; David Travilla; Vic Catiil; Joel Orellano(21 km); and ......who is Elisa Benting?.........

21 km=   294 finishers  (500 pesos)
10 km=   205 finishers  (500 pesos)
05 km= 6004 finishers  (all categories 100 pesos)
03 km=  741  finishers (kids, 100 pesos)
          7244 finishers  8974 subscribers

031 557371 Kevin Antero    00:20:12  M B:14-17              MACASANDIG HIGH School
131 615960 Pedro Cabañez  00:24:12  M D:45-49              Oro Sunday Runners

364 612681 Elisa Benting?   00:28:17  F A:18-34             ORO SUNDAY RUNNING?
000 000000 Rafael Napuran  00:21:??  M B:14-17             ORO SUNDAY RUNNERS CLUB

003 49757 Gabriel Antero    00:11:46  00:05:54  M           Macasandig Elementary
20 49279 Nigel Caballero   00:12:58  00:06:02  M           ORO SUNDAY RUNNERS
53 49198 Ebrahem Antero  00:16:03  00:06:41  M           MACASANDIG ELEM.

013 14761 Raul Bag-Ao       00:40:47 00:19:39  M            ORO SUNDAY RUNNERS
023 15120 Jenefer Paloma   00:46:49 00:22:11   F            MOGCHS

005 25540 Jerald Zabala      01:14:58  00:37:11 M A:18-34 ORORAMA SUPERCENTER
012 25876 Zengiber Bolingot 01:33:41  00:45:17 M A:18-34
028 25163 Santy Nacalaban 01:42:11  00:48:18 M C:40-44 CGSO
090 25229 David Travilla     01:58:42  00:56;41 M B:35-39 ORI

113 25872 Vic Catiil           02:01:54  00:58:15 M D:45-49
122 25200 C. S. Rijskamp    02:03:07  01:00:29 M H:65-69 ORO SUNDAY RUNNERS

Cagayan de Oro - 10/16/2011
Qualifiers for National Finals MEN
BIB Name                              Time    Age Group   Qualifying Time
01 25908 Arnold Unabia            1:14:02 33 A:18-34 1:15:00
02 25186 Jeffrey Sotto             1:14:11 27 A:18-34 1:15:00
03 25539 Gerald Sabal              1:14:13 26 A:18-34 1:15:00
04 25541 Crifrank Indapan         1:14:36 26 A:18-34 1:15:00
05 25540 Jerald Zabala             1:14:58 23 A:18-34 1:15:00
06 25516 Jamaloding Oti           1:16:27 25 A:18-34 1:30:00
07 25185 Rodil Quilab               1:17:56 20 A:18-34 1:30:00
08 25515 Gil Norman Ebardo       1:25:23 18 A:18-34 1:30:00
09 25532 Oscar Openh              1:24:45 35 B:35-39 1:35:00
10 25692 Angelo Surigao           1:28:55 43 C:40-44 1:40:00
11 25642 Violito Tapales           1:41:59 46 D:45-49 1:45:00
12 25858 Rodrigo Quider Busalla  1:35:05 52 E:50-54 1:50:00
13 26058 Gabriel Tumlos            1:47:01 53 E:50-54 1:50:00
14 25168 Leonardo Ruelo           1:50:24 51 E:50-54 1:50:00
15 25230 Ruel Molde                 1:55:23 58 F:55-59 2:00:00
16 25224 Tomas Sr. Eroy           1:48:10 62 G:60-64 2:10:00
17 25531 Macario Salarda           2:01:02 63 G:60-64 2:10:00
18 25200 Cornelis Sandy Rijskamp 2:03:07 66 H:65-69 2:20:00

Qualifiers for National Finals WOMEN
BIB Name Time Age Age Group Qualifying Time
1 25524 Cresabel Cadion  1:34:48 18 A:18-34 1:35:00
2 25907 Roxanne Maaba   1:38:08 18 A:18-34 1:40:00
3 25008 Lezette Aibarote 1:44:50 36 B:35-39 1:45:00

21k Male and      Female qualification times
A:18-34 1:30:00 1:40:00
B:35-39 1:35:00 1:45:00
C:40-44 1:40:00 1:50:00
D:45-49 1:45:00 1:55:00
E:50-54 1:50:00 2:00:00
F:55-59 2:00:00 2:10:00
G:60-64 2:10:00 2:20:00
H:65-69 2:20:00 2:25:00
I:70&up 2:30:00 2:30:00

All expense paid Qualified
under 1:15:00 for male - under 1:35:00 for female

a free finish line in 2008 in the Velez street, Capitol Grounds

_It looked good in the sky October 16 early morning in Indahag, no rainy weather, clear sky but the morning temperature was not that much low, 24+ in Indahag.
Anyway, it felt nice cool when I went down on the scooter together with wife and son.
As far as I was able to observe (in my start of 21 km as a fun runner) it was well organized, the guidance along the 10.5 km track was well maintained just like the water stations.
The track all along the highway was two lanes wide and exclusive for Milo runners, comfortable.
Because I returned after 2 hours I was able to make an undisturbed finish because most of the other athletes were finished already.

first 10 km female finisher 2011, look at the hindrance of the damaged track!

_I was happy to see that the finish line now was more separated from the dance activities to the other side of the oval, but just in the last straight meters I was shocked to see how much the rubber layer of the track was damaged and still never repaired since the construction.
Also it was really a hazardous situation and a hindrance for fast and very tired athletes (safety-injuries).

in 2010 the obstruction from fences and 'officials' were too much close after the finish line, it needs at least 10 meters free space or better more!

_I have only one serious remark for the organizers, why not keep one entrance from the Pelaez complete exclusive for incoming runners, so they are easy able to see where to go (left or right) and still able to maintain their speed not blocked by people who are just walking in and out and not concerned about runners still 'in their race'!

this was in 2005, how the first marathoners had to find their way to the finish, even Vicente(dodong) Rosales is obstructing and not aware of approaching athletes, BAD!
Oro Sunday runner Pedro Pujas (red singlet) is approaching the gate.

_Marshals can not handle it well enough to make people step aside or not to cross the track.
If only one entrance is accessible for incoming runners for lets say 3 hours after 5 AM, then the area to the entrance of the Pelaez Sports centre is also much more free from all kinds of public, they will stay more in the street heading for the other free passable gate of the sports centre.

free entrance and finish(line) in 2007, we should have this in 2011

_As I approached the area still in my last 300 hundred meters before going to enter the gate, It was hard to discover where or when to turn left.
When I turned left it was hard to see if I should go to the right or to the left, because too many people were already walking around in that area.
And I was in a hurry because I joined up with two other runners and I didn't know if they were able to sprint with me, so I had to maintain my speed in time and accelerate in time.
You need to observe clearly and in time where your track is, especially in the last few hundred meters.

a good finish line in 2011, but bad entrance in the sports centre, Emily Catiil is finishing

Running Coach rules National MILO-Marathon CDO Leg
copied from the Nestle official website concerning the Milo race in CDO.

Cagayan de Oro, October 16, 2011—Defending regional champion Arnold Unabia
topped the 35th National MILO® Marathon Cagayan de Oro elimination leg by
a mere 9 seconds yesterday and he expects a tougher grind ahead in the
National Finals.
The 33-year-old Unabia ruled the 21K men's division in one hour, 14 minutes and seconds, barely beating Jeffrey Sotto (1:14:11) and Gerald Sabal (1:14:13). Crifrankreadel Indapan (1:14:36) and Jerald Zabala (1:14:58) occupied the next two places.
Two 18-year-olds--Cresabel Cadion (1:34:38) and Roxanne Maaba (1:38:08)--finished 1-2 in the distaff side while Lezette Aibarote (1:44:50) was third.
All three will join the 18 male qualifiers in the December 11 National finals Which will award P300,000 each to the top male and female finisher.
Unabia, 13th in last year's national finals, will try to nail the crown for the fifth time.
A regular fixture in Cebu and CDO races, he is hoping he will have enough time to train for the December event.
“I was more prepared last year.
I had less preparation this year because I had to juggle training with my coaching of kid runners," said Unabia, who works for the Tangub City government as running coach.
Unabia's daily training for the past six months include long runs for two hours in the morning and endurance training in the afternoon.
He has mastered the flat CDO course.
“From the start, I was just pacing with the lead pack. In the last 2 kilometers, it was just me, Sotto and Sabal and so I really exerted all my energy about 1 kilometer before the finish line.
We were neck to neck but luckily I finished first,” Unabia recounted.
Unabia said he is wary of the younger runners come the National Finals but he has one motivation why he wants to make to at least make it to the top 10.
"I want Filipinos to own the top 10.
I hope we can beat the Kenyan and Ethiopian runners," said Unabia.
Sotto, who works as a utility man at the Philippine Institute of Science and Technology in Iligan, said his lack of training showed in his performance.
“It would have been nice to beat Unabia and claim the Cagayan do Oro championship but I really had little training," said the 27-year-old Sotto.
"I will work harder and be better for the finals."
Female winner Cadion, ran her second 21K race.
Her first half marathon race last year, also in Cagayan de Oro, resulted in a third place finish.
"I didn't really find the race challenging in terms of route and competition," said Cadion, a Business Administration student of St. Columbian College in Pagadian.
"But I really planned to start strong and that allowed me to gain a wide lead right away."
8.974 runners participated in the different race categories, including the 10K which was won by Glenn Arellano (33:55) and Sheena Maxicom (45:16).
MILO® Sports Events Assistant Vice President Patricio Goc-ong expressed elation over the marathon’s turnout and the overall success of the race with the help of local organizers, Jeffrey Ang and Francis Velasquez of Cirlce Productions.
The Cagayan de Oro Marathon participants were able to raise a total of 500
pairs of shoes for students of South City Central School, Tablon Elementary School, Cagayan de Oro National High School, Alae National High School and Agusan Elementary School, as part of its ‘Help Give Shoes’ advocacy.
After the Cagayan de Oro leg, the race heads further into Mindanao with races slated in Butuan (Oct23), General Santos (Oct 30) and Davao City (Nov 6).
The National Finals will be held in Manila on December 11 at the SM Mall of Asia.


: C.S. Rijskamp
Cagayan de Oro, October 19, 2011