First out of City Run,                    Oro Sunday Runners Club Inc.

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Cagayan de Oro city, barangay Gusa - Misamis Oriental, Philippines
Sunday November 8 2009, 6 AM
Fil Estate, Mountain Meadows

close to 6 AM, first interested people, these two gentleman

_This run was the first run organized by this moment Golden Sun and Oro Sunday runner Mr. Rijskamp.
No other 'Golden Sun or Oro runners' were present to enjoy the race!
This run supposed to be a test run for the organization to build up experience for the next runs to come.
With very few advertisement announced not more than a week before the date,
six people subscribed.
We will continue of course in the next run on December 6, same time, same distances, other location, see our activity program.
The club is looking for sponsors to make the runs more attractive and giving prices for best runners and subscribing in a categorical way.
_Anyway: we learned already from this first time, we have to be very clear (in signs and signals) which direction to follow.
Some of the runners missed the arrow for going to the right and missed about 7 or 800
meters in the last 1000 meters before the 5 km turning point.

After their finish the contestants pose for a group picture
together with a young woman

10 kilometer and 9.2 km:
1. Chan Antonio        
(40 y)      :  44.15 (9.2
2. Datinguindoo Tel  
(27 y)      :  44.30 (9.2
3. Corazon Jherome 
(28 y)      :  44.35 (9.2
4. Rey junio                
(30 y)      :  44.37 (9.2
5. Mejia Arnie             
(35 y)      :  50.55
6. Mejia Arthur           
(45 y)      :  not finished
7. Rijskamp Sandy    
(64 y)      :  53.03  (next morning, same time)

Pictures can be requested by email

without the help of the Pinoy family we couldn't succeed

Redactie: C.S. Rijskamp
Cagayan de Oro, November 15, 2009