Thirteenth Out of City Run,               Oro Sunday Runners Club Inc.

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 Misamis Oriental, Philippines
Cagayan de Oro city,
Sunday, November 7, 2010, 6.00 AM
Street fun run, maximum distance about 12.5 km also, 5 or 3,
The location was running around in Kauswagan, also Bayabas, along a creek and along the beach, than to the Westbound bus terminal and back to the start/finish area passing the new bridge again.

we came from the the right from the beach area, entering the gravel road to the bus terminal, passing the terminal, then we went to the left and cross trough Kauswagan again heading for the Pelaez bridge again to our start area.
(pictures: Sandy Rijskamp)

after 3.3 km from the start and already passing the Pelaez bridge we ran along this canalized creek to the beach in Bayabas, this creek is about 1,3 km long

At the end and close to the seashore we took a small wooden bridge to the left,
following the path and entered the beach area all along
while we passed some small communities from fishing families

from the opposite side at the end of the beach area it looked like this

we had to take a small wooden bridge again straight true a community again

had to be watchful using this small tricky bridge

entered this passage, going straight

straight passing this playfield

at the end we entered this wide gravel road to the Westbound terminal and Highway,
passing the terminal and finding an arrow in the street where to went left,
just following the arrows back to the finish/start area.

place  age Name runner no. 5.000 12.500
1 31 Bolingot, Zengiber 100   49.23
2 18 Antero, Bryan 102   49.26
3 12 Chamen, Melchor 110   49.59
4 55 Salering, Adriano 105   50.55
5 13 Antero, Cris Jan 104   51.57
6 36 Travilla, David 109   52.30
7 46 Cabaez, Pedro 101   52.53
8 15 Napuran, Raffy 103   53.24
9 57 Fabe, Ricardo 108 45.20  
10 9 Castillon, Ashley J. 107 45.20  
11 13 Castillon, Allen Joy 106 45.20  
00 17        
12 65 Rijskamp, Sandy will run later on 000    

Redactie: C.S. Rijskamp
Cagayan de Oro, November 10, 2010

Next run on:
Sunday December 12, 14th O.o.C.R.
Christmas run,
maximum distance about 10 km


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