Eighth out of City Run,                       Oro Sunday Runners Club

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Cagayan de Oro city, barangay Macasandig, Aluba
 Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Sunday June 6, 2010, 6.30 AM
road to Taguanao bridge V.V.= 10 km, 5 and 3 km.

After the run,

_This was already number 8 of the OSRC running events and we're still at the same level of contestants.
What do we offer?
A nicely organized run, we measure a correct distance and make note of the finish time, we choose a good environment, we take care of safety, we offer good drinking water, a banana and a certificate as remembrance, and what do we ask?
Only 10 pesos, meaning we are sponsoring ourselves!
Still, many people who like to run, do not show up on Sunday mornings, why is that?
In CDO are several running clubs, but they seem not to like joining our events.
And then........... there is suddenly the big running event sponsored every year by Nestl, the MILO marathon, this time in November 28 in CDO.
_Thousands of people, young and older, males and females, mothers and children, schoolkids, students etc, suddenly they are there in a streetrun, almost in the middle of the city, along a Highway with traffic increasing rapidly from 6 AM on with all the dirt and dust from their dirty engines.
Contestants will pay more of course, but will have a nice MILO Tshirt, they will get their drinks and a certificate, not that much more then in the OSRC events.
So, we need more or better sponsorship from...........? Who can help us to find sponsors?
We need more advertisement, who will help us, or has good ideas?
I was asking Governor Oscar Moreno for help, to allow us for an easier, free or cheaper entrance to the running oval in the Pelaez Sports centre, but untill now no reaction at all.
When I'm back in CDO I will visit his office again to get some attention for us as sportsmen in general and running athletes in particular, I DO MY STINKING BEST, okay?!


ranking age

           name athlete             

10 km      
01 23 Catiil, C. Neil 38.27
02   Zabala, M. Jerald 40.42
03 16 Norte, Banjo 42.21
04 44 Bag-ao, G. Raul 42.53
05   Emmanuel, Ligali 47.43
06   Valles, Carl 47.44
07 46 Salering, C. Adriano 48.47  (47.25 in 12-2009
08 16 Yap, Dean Frederik 49.19
09 32 Clavero, Joven 49.50  (47.55 in 12-2009
  65 Rijskamp Sandy          (50.03 in 12-2009
10 47 Ramos, Jun 50.04
11 14 Chamen, C. Mark Alan 54.49
12 37 Travilla, David 56.51
13 46 Catiil, Vic 56.54 
  54 Fabe Ricardo          (58.05 in 12 2009
14 14 Torres, Jose Alberto Martin 59.28
15 12 Chamen, C. Melchor 59.30
16   Bensing, Jeffry 61.23
17 16 Wayan, B. Sherwin 61.23
18 13 Torres, Annabelle 77.23
19   Inciong, Joshua 77.24
      5 km
20 54 Fabe, Ricardo (president) 34.07
      3 km
21   Diaz, P, Francis Jay 17.09
22 16 Yorpo, L. Edna 30.12
23 13 Salcedo, D. Fritz Ericka 30.52

, race number 110 is not running he was tired...and not feeling well...
It's your son Cornelis, suddenly he changed his mind because why not Christian
is running, so next time I will let Christian and Rochelle also run...how is that?

Taguanao bridge seen from the other side

Next run on:
July 4,
Sunday morning, Nineth Out of City Run, start at the Rotunda south end of the Velez street,

Redactie: C.S. Rijskamp
Groningen, June 9, 2010