Third out of City Run,                            Oro Sunday Runners Club

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Cagayan de Oro city, barangay Indahag,
 Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Sunday January 3 2010, 7 AM
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registration by the race director

_On a good Sunday morning, the first in 2010, we gather together in Indahag for the third club run and the first one in 2010.
Cardo and other club-members were early, so we were able to prepare in time for the scheduled start time at seven AM.
_Accidentally, while we were preparing and waiting for more contestants to arrive, we were able to watch a 12 km run from PNP trainees with 10 kg extra in their backpacks and a rifle to carry.
At our start/finish location the trainees were also refreshed with a shower of water over their heads if they liked.

PNP trainees from camp Gusa during their Sunday morning run

_Neil Catiil a top tri-athlete was inviting some triathlon club youngsters to join our fun run this morning but they were not able to find the start location in time, so we had some delay what was bearable because of the show from the running police trainees.
_At least, after some words and my explanation we went to the start line.
We had to go up hill for the first 500 meter and down
again to the start line making the first 1000 meters.
From this point on, I explained, 5 km runners have to run 1500 meters more and return at 2,5 km mark in the street, following the track in opposite direction they already ran.
_I shouldn't have talked about that 1500 meters more, because most of the youngsters returned now at the 1500 distance mark, so they ran only 3 km.
Well, every time we learn and next time I will make sure that everybody has a clear vision about the track to run!
_The 10 km winner Mr. Neil Catiil was extremely fast and for sure he ran exactly 10 kilometers.
After him were finishing 2 and 3, the Oro Sunday runners Joven and Adriano.
_Tree contestants were doing 5 km, I missed the time from youngster Bryan Alarcon.
Alan Joy Castillon was running under the guidance of her Lolo Ricardo Fabe the club president.
_Runners who stopped at 3.9 kilometer were intending to run for 5 km. but stopped at the 10.000 meter finish line while they had 1100 meters more to go, up and down hill.
_Seven youngsters were nicely finishing after 3 km within 20 minutes.

_A good experience and lets hope we will have more contestants the next time during our cross country run in Gusa, again in a safe and clean area.
Before we start we will explore the track all together to make it clear to the runners.

10 kilometer:
1. Catiil, Neil                   
  (23 y)     :   30.07

2. Clavero, Joven             
(32 y)      :  46.40
3. Salering, Adriano          (54 y)      :  46.45
4. Rijskamp, Sandy          
(64 y)      :  51.59  (next morning, 6.00 AM)
4. Rijskamp, Sandy                           :  49.17 
(February 25)
5. Norte, Banjo                 
(16 y)      :  54.58

5 kilometer:
1. Alarcon, Bryan Jonald  (18 y)     :
2. Fabe, Ricardo                
(57 y)      :  45.20
3. Castillon, Allen Joy      
(12 y)      :  45.20

3.9 kilometer:
1. Catiil, Emily                     (32 y)      : 
2. Clavero, Joel                 
 (33 y)      :
3. Torres, Miguel                
( 8 y)       :

3 kilometer:
1. Wayan, Sherwin            (16 y)     : 14.20
2. Baluran, Genesis Levy
(15 y)     : 14.23
3. Chamen, Mark Alan     
(13 y)     : 17.19
4. Chamen, Melchor          (11 y)      : 17.23
5. Torres, Jose A.M.         
(14 y)     : 18.44
6. Torres, Annabelle        
(13 y)     : 19.50
7. Tiro, Samantha             (16 y)     : 19.50

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Redactie: C.S. Rijskamp
Cagayan de Oro, January 5, 2010