Fourth Out of City Run,                 Oro Sunday Runners Club Inc.

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Cagayan de Oro city, barangay Gusa,
 Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Sunday February 7, 2010, 6.30 AM
Cross country, Mountain Meadows, 7.200 meter

_A cross country is a complete different way of running than a street run.
Is a street surface in a road run most of the time nicely flat, a cross country has a lot of  varieties in the track.
You will find objects on your path and it will go up and down, narrow paths, different kind of soils-underground, short turns to take and even it can be a very slippery track.
_Running a cross country needs a high concentration of the athlete and of course when you like to compete a good tactic.
One has to decide to start fast for more space in the front or just start from behind to save energy for the second half or the end of his/her run.
_The risks in a cross are higher then a street run, especially concerning a wrong step resulting in a twisted ankle or falling, hurting some part of the athletes body.

_What did we do to make more people enjoying our Fun run?
1. I put one poster in the street leading to the elementary and high school in my place Indahag.
2. I put one poster in the gate leading to the still to developed subdivision Mountain Meadows, but also much in use for people living in my area, because the original road is jammed by squatters, only a donkey is able to pass that road.
3. I put a poster in the entrance of the sports oval in the city, (there is already a banner hanging in the gate for longer time)
4. I was requesting a local radio station to air the advent one week before, it was granted.
5. I spoke to several jogging persons I met during my training sessions.
All the actions had no result and its clear that only mouth to mouth (oral) advertisement can interest runners in our running events.

_For now, I'm happy that our club was able to serve 26 runners with this fun run.
Myself included makes 27, because I was doing the same track the next morning, same weather conditions at the same time.
Both mornings were pretty much 'cold' (in Indahag, 19°Celsius), clear sky, a little wind from sea, ideal for a running event.

Vic and Cardo, founders of the Oro Sunday Runners in CDO

_Although it is a fun run, runners like also to compete each other, I'm the same.
Also this time International acting triathlete Neil Catiil was joining our event again.
Followed by a Sundowner top runner (7.15 minutes later starting) and chasing number one Neil Catiil in the second and third lap, but they end up both in about the same time.
Also third finisher Wayan Sherwin was a speedy athlete, able to beat Oro Sunday Runners finest, Joven and Adriano.
But of course everyone has their own plan and schedule in running.
Important is to stay healthy not getting injured in a cross country track.
Also Ricardo the club president was able to finish 4 laps with a bit less running condition.
Aisha Tan and her papa Jhun were also able to complete the maximum distance, kudos for both!
Not expected but still going strong, Vic Catiil, a very early Oro Sunday Runner, only stopped after 5 laps, respect!

_What did we learn this time?
Probably in the second 500 meter kids were replacing some pylons in the track.
Because some youngsters took an early left what was supposed to run on their way back.
But I clearly explained to the audience that we first had to go straight all the way until there are pylons again showing the next direction.
Anyway, it shows that I rally have to be too much clear in my explanation and be aware that some athletes have to listen well, very well!
Also, the improvement of time registration is important.
After the first lap 5 runners were still running together and confusing the registration and me because my assistants also didn't realize that I wanted them to register each runners lap.
So, I'm not convinced the time registration was much accurate, next time we'll try do better!

Joven Clavero and Adriano Salering almost passing the finish line

All in all, a good experience and no injuries during the race, thanks to the contestants, hope they will be present again in our next event on March 7,
(see the activity calendar).

All pictures showed on these pages can be requested by email in its original size

place  age Name runner no. 1800 3600 5400 7200
1 23 Catiil, S. Neil 19 8.14 15.36 22.55 30.05
2 31 Napone, Henreto 26 8.36 15.43 22.51 30.05
3 16 Wayan, B. Sherwin 17 8.20 15.51 23.50 31.41
4 32 Clavero, Joven 11 8.35 15.54 23.55 31.53
5 54 Salering, Adriano 07 8.17 16.07 23.14 31.53
6 28 Mabelin, R, Cludolfo Jr. 25 8.26 16.05 24.20 32.50
7 64 Rijskamp, Cornelis Sandy (vice presid.) 13 8.50 17.30 26.05 34.25
8 15 Yap, Dean Frederick 27 8.30 16.58 26.02 35.05
9 14 Torres, Y. Jose Alberto Martin 15 10.10 22.59 0.00 36.22
10 18 Alarcon, M. Bryan Jonald 9 8.40 18.25 28.24 39.05
11 20 Stewart, Jolin 05 8.40 18.29 28.26 39.05
12 18 Clavero, P. Edgar Christian 08 8.42 20.19 28.21 39.05
13 57 Fabe, F. Ricardo (president) 4 9.40 19.25 29.36 40.45
14 45 Tan, Jun 13 10.50 24.07 0.00 45.33
15 10 Tan, C. Aisha Jasmine (female) 16 10.16 23.58


16 46 Catiil, Vic      (5 laps!) 10 9.36 31.17 42.37 54.01
17 15 Baluran, R. Genesis Levy 23 8.27 18.19 27.20  
18 12 Lalanto, R. Louie 20 9.10 20.06 31.17  
19 33 Clavero, Joel 2 8.40 20.08 31.54  
20 32 Catiil, Emily 3 10.00 21.3 33.01  
21 16 Tiro, Samantha Frances Daba (female) 18 10.17 25.53 41.00  
22 13 Torres, Y. Annabelle Dominique (female) 14 10.20 25.53 41.00  
23 13 Chamen, C. Mark Alan 1 9.01 20.04    
24 12 Chamen, C. Melchor 6 9.28 20.53    
25 8 Torres, Y. Juan Antonio Miquel 22 10.23      
26 27 Calo, C. Jason 24 10.45      
27 16 Yorpo, L. Edna (female) 12 0      

Redactie: C.S. Rijskamp
Cagayan de Oro, February 11, 2010