Tenth Out of City Run,                        Oro Sunday Runners Club Inc.

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Cagayan de Oro city, barangay Upper Carmen,
Sunday, August 8, 2010, 6.00 AM
Street run, starting at the back of SM, running in the area of Pueblo de Oro, maximum distance 10 km.,

our helps, we cannot do without them
, Bingbing, Johnjohn,
(Johjoh motor driver) and An-an

_I was confused once I returned home and studied the results list.
Confused indeed because most of the runners were really fast in the 10 km.
So, what I suspect in the first place was, that the first 3 runners were doing the whole track, passing the leg Xavier University two times, but the others maybe just passing one time and going straight from the end(5 km point) along the main road back and doing the Call Centre for the second time, then the track along the Catholic Church second time and so on.
Or even postponing the complete leg along the Xavier University?
_But, after long time thinking I made up my mind again, probably the track was just fast (an almost flat track!) and not too much hot weather, although it was already 25.2 degrees Celsius when we started and a humidity of 33.7%
Meaning, we experienced a fast race and it was obvious because we saw several times  contestants dueling in the last few hundred meters.
Also meaning, lots of runners were in a good physical condition/shape and prepared to duel.
_Well, first I have to run it my self and then I know more about this track I created and arrowed well, I didn't get any complaint or remarks about it.
Anyway, it is always a fun run, but I just like to serve every runner creating a correct distance and finish time, runners just decide themselves how far they like to run, but always let the organization know, how far you went.
Only the ones who are surely running the correct distance in 5 or 10 km will be announced eventually in the media. 

Adriano, Joven, Eduardo, Bryan, Santy, Pedro and Jerald

_First we had a group of 4 fast runners knowing Neil Catiil(CDO Triathlon), Jerald Zabala(OSRC), Banjo Norte(BSI triathlete), newcomer Bryan Antero and not far after  them BSI triathlete Karl Valles.
During the race Bryan had to change his fourth place to Karl, so this was the first struggle in the top of the finishing list.
In first place came Neil Catiil, second Jerald Zabala, third Banjo Norte, fourth Karl Valles and fifth Bryan Antero.
_Next interesting duel was between the Oro Sunday Runners Joven Clavero and Adriano Salering, normally a victory for the much younger Joven.
But, in the last few hundred meters we witnessed a very strong acting Adriano, so Joven probably was out of power with the finish line in sight?
_Next 3 runners fighting for a good place were Santy Nacalaban(OSRC), Jun Ramos(OSRC) and newcomer John Paul Dacoco.
John Paul was able to beat the two others in the last 300 meters and Santy was defeating Jun in the last 100 meters.
_150 Meters behind them was BSI athlete Dean Frederick Yap consolidating his eleventh place.
_Next competing couple were BSI triathletes Jose A.M.Torres(14) and BSI youngster Melchor Chamen(12), who also were fighting for victory in the last 100 meters wherein Torres was the strongest.
_They were followed by OSRC runner Peter Cabañez ending 30 seconds behind Melchor.
_After two minutes only, OSRC runner Vic Catiil was also strong in his performance to end up close to 50 minutes and even the OSRC President Ricardo Fabe was this morning full of inspiration and power to end up in only 52.12 !
_Within between of them newcomer Eduardo Balibay who also showed a strong performance.
_Then we have only two BSI triathlete youngsters to go, Genesis Baluran(16), 30 seconds later followed by Annabelle Torres(13), showing how much she was giving in this race.
_Latest message:
Friday, august 13 the vice President of the Oro Sunday Runners was running the track in 49 minutes and 54 seconds.
Friday is his interval training day, but he noticed that morning a nice low temperature of
22°C because of a clear sky during the night.
He jumped on his scooter, direction Pueblo de Oro and started at 5.30, a little bit late because after 6 AM the sun was already able to heat him up more.
_What he forgot was that he already ran a fast 10 km down and up hill Wednesday before, so he still could feel this in his muscles, no 'good' legs.
He realized that 50 minutes for 10 km was still possible but it depends on several factors to finish under or beyond this time.
_Anyway, I was fighting 10 long kilometers to beat Vic and of course Ricardo, hehehe.
Oh, one mistake I made Saturday morning while arrowing the track and painting distance numbers, I painted a second 4 km point what of course had to be 4,5 km, sorry folks!

All athletes very well done!

Next fun run on:
Sunday September 5, start at 06.00 AM, we will run in the area behind The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Montessori High School in Gusa along the Borja Extension, entrance of Mountain Meadows/Fil Estate.
The planning is to make a cross country/street cross.
As soon as we have more information it will be published on this website.

place  age Name runner no. 10.000 10.000?
1 23 Catiil, Neil   33.26

Kagay-an festival run

2 21 Zabala, Jerald   34.08  
3 17 Norte, Banjo   37.44 yes
4 17 Valles, Karl   38.42 no
5 19 Antero, Bryan   39.09 yes
6 55 Salering, Adriano   39.59 yes
7 33 Clavero, Joven   40.02 no
8 30 Dacoco, John Paul   42.30 yes
9 38 Nacalaban, Santy   42.39 yes
10 50 Ramos, Salustiano   42.42 yes
11 15 Yap, Dean Frederick   43.01 5000
12 14 Torres, Jose Alberto Martin   45.25 5000
13 12 Chamen, Melchor   45.35 5000
14 45 Cabañez, Peter  



  65 Rijskamp, Sandy (August 13)  



15 46 Catiil, Vic   50.10 yes
16 56 Balibay, Eduardo   51.07 no
17 54 Fabe, Ricardo   52.12 yes
18 16 Baluran, Genesis Levy   53.21 5000
19 13 Torres, Annabelle Dominique   53.54 5000
20 8 Torres, Juan Antonio Miguel 13,.15 2 km? yes
    Bag-ao, Raul     yes

Redactie: C.S. Rijskamp
Cagayan de Oro, August 11, 2010


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